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Implementing a system

In addition to designing the user interface, you can outsource the implementation of the system to us, either as a whole or just the user interface. We are specialized in programming demanding interaction designs. Our best expertise is implementing user interfaces with Java and rewriting and extending the Swing library, but we also implement web applications, native Windows applications and software for PDA devices. We have prior experience particularly on the following languages and implementation means: Java, Perl, C/C++, Visual Basic, (D)HTML/CSS, JavaScript, cgi-bin, ASP and Java applets.

The figure shows an example of a simple but, from the user’s viewpoint, very effective implementation of file search, with which the user can filter out the relevant files from all the drives in the local network. The real-time filtering is based on a suffic array index structure implemented with C++, and it takes only a few milliseconds to find matches from even a million files.

File filter
Image: An implementation of a file filter.

The figure shows a situation where a user is searching for an article she read about usability walkthroughs. She has just written the beginning of the keyword, ”walk”. After each keystroke the system finds the files and directories that match the search term. The user sees the article written by Bias and double clicks on it to open it.

In matters regarding implementation, please contact Karri-Pekka Laakso, email, GSM +358 50 505 9880.