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If you are in need of conceptual design or user interface design for a new system, or if you need assistance with requirements specification, you can delegate the work to us partially or completely. To develop your software, we figure out, using our GUIDe methods, the situations and events that your users encounter and that should be handled effectively and directly by your software. Next, we design the functionality and the user interface of your software in such a way that it supports well these frequently occurring use situations. If the functionality, performance and usability offered by your software are optimized to the situations that the users encounter daily, your users will experience the system profitable and powerful.

Design review with a customer
Image: Design review with
a customer.

You will find more information about our design and specification services under the title Designing user interfaces and specifying requirements. If needed, you can also outsource the implementation of the user interface; see further information under Implementing a system.

If you intend to improve the usability of an existing system, look at our testing services under Testing usability. We can evaluate your user interface by