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GUIDe – User interface specification

User interface specification is the result of user interface design phase. User interface specification is a model of the software that describes

UI image sequence
Image: A sequence of images that illustrates
the behavior of the system.

The user interface specification provides an illustrative requirements specification for a system, because the specification visualizes the functionality of the system in a form that both the client and the supplier understand. With the specification we can ‘use’ the software already before the implementation begins. During the next phases, there will be fewer change requests, because due to the specification the client is able to ascertain in forehand, what he is about to get at the end of the project.

Also the supplier can use the specification to see exactly what the result of the implementation phase should be. This makes it easier to estimate the amount of work, costs and schedule required for implementation. If other kinds of descriptions are needed to specify the system, such as data models or UML use cases, they can be constructed with the help of the user interface specification. The UI spec shows the data that are presented to the user, and interaction sequences and feature descriptions can be derived from it.

Screenshot from a UI specification
Image: An individual 'screenshot' in a user interface specification.